Devolution Deal concerns

Published: 07 January 2023

Is the Deal worth it? Download here.

Luxulyan Parish Council encourages everyone to decide whether the drastic change to the way Cornwall makes its decisions is worth the money and control offered by Government in the devolution deal. — Then everyone can respond to the consultation (ending 17 Feb).

Luxulyan Parish Council has called a Parish Meeting Tues, 31st January, 7.00 pm, at the Memorial Institute to discuss concerns about the changes to the governance of Cornwall – if Cornwall Council votes to have Directly Elected Mayor. Government has stipulated that only with a Directly Elected Mayor will the Devolution Deal be offered (as it stands now).

There are two particular concerns that Cornwall Council has not highlighted. The first is about the concentration of power in the Mayor:

From: House of Commons Library, Devolution to local government in England, Feb 2022, Section 5.1:- “elected mayors have differing degrees of power over different matters. In most areas, they will have an effective veto over decisions made by the combined authority.”

From: Cornwall Devolution Deal, Section 26:- “any amendment to a budget, plan or strategy proposed by the directly elected mayor and cabinet (following the statutory objection process) [ will ] require a two-thirds vote of full council to pass the amendment.”


The power to set the agenda and the power to veto make the Directly Elected Mayor a unique and strong executive power. In governments with such a strong executive there are usually two legislative bodies to balance this power. The one elected body of Cornwall Council would be very weak in comparison with the Directly Elected Mayor. The Deal brings more control to Cornwall in some areas, but that power and control will be concentrated in a single person and their unelected hand-picked cabinet.

The second concern: There is no legislation that allows for the removal of an unsuitable Directly Elected Mayor.

More information at and you can answer the Consultation Questionnaire there.