Good Citizens of the Year 2020

Luxulyan Parish Good Citizens of the Year 2020
Chosen by the people of Luxulyan Parish

So many people have helped during these extraordinary times in so many ways. 

To recognise this, in 2020 the Parish Council will send a letter of appreciation to any number of Good Citizens.

Closing Date for nominations this year is 31st October 2020

Nominations can be made by EMAIL, POST, or NOMINATION BOX in the Village Shop or the Pub. 

  • Email the clerk or a councillor with YOUR NAME & ADDRESS, NOMINEE'S NAME, and REASON for nomination.
  • or download a Nomination Form (opens is separate window).
  • Guidelines are at the bottom of this page.


(organised by Restormel District Council)

1998/99   Dennis Sutton & Cyril Stanlake
1999/00   George Rundle & Roy Denslow
2000/01   Alan Garrard
2001/02   Capt Robin Grigg
2002/03   Anthony Maddams
2003/04   Kenny Saundry & Youth Citizen Elizabeth Hunter
2004/05   Sam Bennett, Nikki Oke & Helen Peacock
2005/06   Mrs Margaret Green, Mrs Betty Giles (dec’d) & Mrs Betty Hunter
2006/07   Shelly Porter & Youth Citizen Benjamin Bond

(revived by Luxulyan PC)

2014      Mrs Betty Hunter
2015      Mr Nick Legard and Mr & Mrs Heard
2016      not awarded 
2017      Mr Ralph Oliver and Mr Pip Champion 
2018      Mr George Rundle
2019      Sam & Wayne Manship


  1. Nominations must
    — name the individual being nominated,
    — explain the reason(s) for the nomination clearly, and
    — include the name and address of the person nominating. 
  2. Anonymous nominations will not be accepted.
  3. The closing date for nominations will be the 31st of October 2020.
  4. The Award will be presented to all nominees who have helped the parish during the last 12 months.
  5. The Award will not be presented where the nomination is for something which has resulted in profit and/or personal gain for the nominee(s).
  6. Nomination Forms will be available from the Village Shop and Pub, OR may be sent to the Parish Clerk.
  7. Any nominations received after the closing deadline will not be counted. 
  8. Nomination boxes will remain sealed until opened at the meeting at which the Awards are decided.

NB: You do not need to use a nomination form as long as you send an email or letter to the clerk with all the required information (Your Name & Address, Nominee's Name, Reason for nomination).