LPCF - Luxulyan Parish Community Fund

The deadlines for the 2020 LPCF grants rounds are as follows:

Deadline for applications Grant Panel Meetings
29th March 2020 8th April 2020 + AGM
29th July 2020 12th August 2020
28th Nov 2020 9th Dec 2020

AGM – Wednesday, 8th April 2020 at the Institute immediately prior to the April meeting.

• At the AGM, panel members will step down and new panel members will be re-elected. Previous panel members may be re-elected.

• If you wish to become a panel member, contact a current panel member to put your name forward.

• The AGM will also allow for any representation to be made by members of the public.

Luxulyan Parish Community Fund (LPCF) – Allocation of Funds

Date Description Income Expend. Balance
03/11/2015 1st Clean Earth payment £10,000.00

03/11/2016 2nd Clean Earth payment £10,185.61

Dec-16 Donation from Lux. Community Transport      £450.00

Dec-16 Christine Wilson invoice; initial CIO set up     £238.38
Jan-17 Luxulyan Youth Football Club grant
May-17 Luxulyan Parents Association grant  £2.000.00
May-17 Luxulyan Amateur Dramatic Society grant  £2,000.00
May-17 Cornwall Comm. Fund fee (£5,850x10%)
Aug-17 Lux Memorial Institute, snooker room
Aug-17 Luxulyan Pre-school, outdoor equipment
03/11/2017 3rd Clean Earth payment  £10,552.98

Dec-17 Luxulyan Feast Week committee
Apr-18 Grants awarded   - none -
May-18 Cornwall Comm. Fund fee (£5,000x10%)
Aug-18 Youth Football Club, new strip
Aug-18 Youth Football Club, ride-on mower
Aug-18 Luxulyan & Lanlivery WI, training 10 trainers
Aug-18 Friends of Gunwen, heating for community room
Aug-18 Cornwall Comm. Fund fee (£6,200x10%)
03/11/2018 4th Clean Earth payment £10,834.69

Dec-18 Skate Park Fundraising Group
Dec-18 Granite Towers
Dec-18 Preschool
Apr-19 St Cyriacus & St Julitta, new lighting
Apr-19 Innis Chapel renovations, part of larger project
Jun-19 NO GRANTS AWARDED, lack of applications

Skate Park Fundraising Group
returns earmarked funds

 - 2,000.00
Dec-19 Luxulyan Pre-school, outdoor equipment
  £42,023.28 £28,793.38


TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE LUXULYAN GRANTS.  Speak to the Panel members for information about this grant funding that is available to benefit the people of Luxulyan.

Who can apply? This fund is now open to applications from not for profit, voluntary or community groups and social enterprises to support community projects within the Parish of Luxulyan, or that benefit the residents of the Parish. 

How are decisions made?
•  A Panel of 7 people meet three times a year.  
•  PANEL: Two members of Luxulyan Parish Council are on the Panel: Cllr Francis Payne and Cllr Sarah Kemp. Other members are: Dave Bunt (Chair), Bridget Hall (Secretary), Chris Austin, Jim Cleare, Nick Legard.
•  Cornwall Community Foundation (CCF) administers the Fund. LPCF is not administered by the Parish Council.

The following LPCF guidelines accompany Cornwall Community Foundation’s CCF Generic Grant Guidelines:

•  The Luxulyan Parish Community Fund supports community projects within the parish of Luxulyan. Organisations residing outside of this area can apply on the condition that a large percentage of beneficiaries attending the project reside within Luxulyan and this can be evidenced.

•  Community or voluntary groups without a written constitution or governing document can apply for a maximum grant of £250, provided that they have a separate bank account with a minimum of two signatories.

•  Organisations with a written constitution, articles or other form of governing document can apply for grants ranging from £250.00 to £2,000.00. Larger sums maybe awarded in exceptional circumstances.

•  First time applicants will take priority.

CCF Guidelines and the application form are available for download below as PDFs (opening in a separate window), and via the Cornwall Community Foundation (CCF) website (www.cornwallcommunityfoundation.com) which opens in a separate window.


Luxulyan Parish Community Fund Additional Guidelines

CCF Generic Grant Guidelines

If you have any queries about the guidelines, application form, or the eligibility of your project, please contact:

Cornwall Community Foundation
Telephone:    01566 779333
Email:            office@cornwallfoundation.com

The LPCF Panel looks forward to receiving your applications.

Source of Income

The LPCF currently receives its income from one regular source. The Lestoon wind turbine planning application (PA13/08209) was approved in December 2013 and the turbine began functioning in June 2014.  Clean Earth Energy Ltd of Wadebridge, owners of the turbine, now have an agreement with the CCF to make 20 annual payments of £10,000 (RPI index linked) starting from the anniversary of the siting of the wind turbine (i.e. from 3rd November 2015). This is currently the only income for the Luxulyan Parish Community Fund (LPCF).

Grants Awarded

NB:  There may be provisos associated with a grant which must be adhered to before the grant is issued.  If the conditions can not be met, the grant may not go through.

Dec 2016:  A grant of £1,850 was awarded to Luxulyan Youth Football Club to support the work of this new club. The funding will enable the club to purchase training equipment, goal posts and football kits.

Apr 2017:  A grant of £2,000 was awarded to the Luxulyan Amateur Dramatic Society (LADS) to help fund the costs of new staging needed to replace old equipment. It is hoped that the grant will enable LADS to attract other funding to reach their £4,000 target.

Apr 2017:  A grant of £2,000 was awarded to Parents Association Luxulyan School (PALS) so the school could purchase 10 new iPads. This will improve the ICT provision for not only the schools pupils, but will also enable the school to start up workshops for anyone from the community to learn how to use this new technology.

Aug 2017:  A grant of £2,000 was awarded to Luxulyan Memorial Institute to go towards the costs of improving the snooker room in the Institute.

Aug 2017:  A grant of £2,000 was awarded to Luxulyan Pre-school to fund the installation of a sail canopy and the purchase of outdoor climbing equipment. This equipment will enable the children to play outside more often and improve their agility skills.

Dec 2017:  A grant of £1,000 was awarded to Luxulyan Feast Week committee.

Apr 2018:  No grant applications were received.

Aug 2018:  A grant of £600 to the Youth Football Club for a new strip. Now that the club has been running for some time, the older children have grown out of the strip.

Aug 2018:  A grant of £1,400 to the Youth Football Club to purchase a ride-on lawn mower so that the club can take control of the grass length of the pitch, as it finds that the council’s contractor cannot mow the grass low enough to provide a short enough length of grass to play on.

Aug 2018:  A grant to the Luxulyan & Lanlivery WI for £2,200.00 to cover training costs for 10 members to undertake training at Treoyhan Manor, in Carbis Bay. At a cost per head of £220.00. These members could then go on to train other in the crafts that they are undertaking to study.

Aug 2018:  A grant of £2,000 to Friends of Gunwen for heating of the community room in order to have a warm community centre it that part of the parish