Grit Bins

Luxulyan Parish Council Grit Bins

Luxulyan Parish Council purchased 5 grit bins in April 2014 and 2 more in December 2020.  They are placed:  

1 at Beswetherick Field
1 at Atwell, PL30 5DW
1 at Bodiggo, PL30 5DR (damaged and removed)
2 at Rosevale Gardens
1 at Bridges, the entrance to the Railway Station
1 at Bridges, on the hill up to Rosevale Gardens 

The public may use the grit at their own initiative, on the understanding that its use is not a Parish Council activity.

The Parish Council is committed to keeping them filled.  If one of these grit bins is empty please notify the clerk.

Mrs C Wilson
Clerk to Luxulyan Parish Council
01208 831283
07543 427141

All other grit/salt bins are the responsibility of Cormac.
Tel:  0300 1234 222
REPORT IT online: Report a damaged or unusable Grit/Salt Bin