Parish Council Committees

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Luxulyan Parish Council (LPC)

Planning.  Most planning issues are considered at the ordinary Council meetings on the 2nd Thursday evening each month.  However, if there are planning issues to consider in between ordinary Council meetings, the council will usually meet on the 4th Thursday of the month at the Memorial Institute at 6.00pm. The Parish Council has now organised a Planning Working Party which advises the Parish Council about most applications.

Highways. There is no committee or lead councillor for Highways.  Please go to the Cornwall Council Report It page to report a highway problem.  If it is not fixed in good time, please advise the Parish Council. 

Finance. The Audit Panel, with Internal Control Check, meets every quarter (July, October, January, April). The clerk serves as the Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) for the Parish Council, also known as the Section 151 Officer.

Staffing. The Staffing Committee meets each September and other meetings are called by the chair of the committee as and when necessary. 

Clerk. Mrs Christine Wilson, CiLCA. The Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council, Responsible Finance Officer (RFO), and website manager. The clerk holds a Certificate in Local Council Administration.

LPC Audit Panel and Internal Control Check
Cllrs Bilston (Chair & Internal Control Check), Grindley, Linfoot, Payne

LPC Staffing Committee
Cllrs Hatton (Chair), Cordy, Bilston, Higman, and Linfoot

LPC Risk Assessment Working Party
Cllrs Grindley, Payne, O'Toole

LPC Planning Working Party
Cllrs Grindley, Hatton, Linfoot, and Payne.

Footpaths Committee (not a parish council body)
Cllr O'Toole (LPC representative), R James (Chair), J Farmer, E Harradence, R Smith.

Cornwall Association of Local Councils
Cllrs Linfoot and Bilston (LPC representatives) 

Community Network Panel – Blazey, Fowey & Lostwithiel 
Cllrs Linfoot and Bilston (LPC representatives)

Community Network Panel – China Clay
Cllrs Bilston and Linfoot (LPC representatives)

Luxulyan Parish Community Fund (LPCF) Panel
Cllrs Cordy and Tonkin (LPC representatives)
see the LPCF webpage for more information

Luxulyan Memorial Institute Trustees
Cllrs Bilston, Cordy, Linfoot and Tonkin (Trustees)

Luxulyan Valley Management Partnership
Cllrs Linfoot and Tonkin (LPC representatives)

Luxulyan Community Land Trust
Cllrs Grindley and Payne (LPC representatives)

Village Hall Committee
Cllr Higman (LPC representative)

Eden Community Geothermal Liaison Group
Cllr Grindley (LPC representative)

Councillor Advocate Scheme organised by the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner
Cllr Linfoot (LPC representative)