Ponts Mill Embankment Stabilisation

Published: 10 December 2020

The drilling of the perforated steel drainage cases (or raker drains), in to the bank of the river is now complete. Forty-six have been installed, spanning over 120 metres of riverbank, each with a geotextile wrapped, plastic pipe inserted, to transport excess water to an open ditch within the newly created area. Trash traps are also installed to ensure that any solid waste is properly managed, protecting the environment from any harmful pollutants.

A stone back-fill has been used to create a “bed”, supporting the underside of the pipes, and the reprofiling of the new bank is well underway, using over 300 tonnes of specialist, uniformly graded, drainage aggregate.

Nutrient rich top soil has been selected for its suitability to the environment and free draining properties – and over the coming week before the Christmas break commences, the team will begin landscaping the area and laying the soil on top of the stone layer.

The project continues to progress well and remains on schedule for February 2021 completion.