Fixed Penalty Notices

Published: 10 October 2019

Luxulyan parish councillors in attendance at the 10 October meeting had training regarding INCIDENT REPORTING for

  • dog fouling
  • fly tipping
  • littering.

The councillors in attendance and the clerk may report incidents of these criminal offences that take place in Luxulyan or anywhere in Cornwall. The INCIDENT REPORT will result in a postal Fixed Penalty Notice being served on the offender in accordance with Criminal Procedure Rules r27.1(1); Criminal Justice Act 1967, s.9, Magistrates’ Courts Act 980, s.5B.

This is a direct, non-confrontational method to report these offences by trained councillors and staff. The incident must be witnessed directly by the trained councillor or staff. The name of the offender may not be necessary if other details, such as a vehicle registration number are available. 

In Cornwall the minimum fines are: 

  • dog fouling — £100
  • fly tipping — £400
  • littering — £150 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the clerk.

Cornwall Council's Litterless Cornwall campaign – Link HERE 

PLEASE NOTE: in Luxulyan Valley the policy for dog fouling is to 'stick and flick'; that is, to move the offending mess off the path into the undergrowth and allow nature to take its course. The use of plastic is avoided and it is healthier for the environment.

However, on the roads and in the villages and hamlets dog owners must clean up after their dogs.